New Now Next has a new list of the Top 50 Gay Bars in the USA and several West Hollywood establishments make the cut.

Among the West Hollywood bars and nightclubs which made the list include:

  • Gold Coast – #48
  • RAGE – #45
  • Mother Lode – #29
  • GYM SportsBar- #19
  • The Abbey – #2

In addition, Silverlake’s Eagle LA comes in at #20.

That means 10 percent of the nation’s most popular gay bars, according to this list, are in West Hollywood’s 1.9 square miles.


But, we have some issues with the list.

For starters, on any given night, Micky’s or Revolver, and sometimes The Chapel, Fiesta and Flaming Saddles, are busier than almost all of the West Hollywood clubs listed but for The Abbey.

Second, the allegedly #1 most popular gay bar in America–Washington, DC’s, Nellie’s, has been derided by locals for many years for no longer being “gay” as it has become popular with the Woo Girl/Becky crowd.

Finally, the list’s methodology relies on location based tracking on cell phones, but their data doesn’t match up with other location based tracking services. For example, on Swarm, Micky’s has had 33,993 checkins by 11,399 visitors, while GYM SportsBar has 14,064 checkins from 4,271 visitors, which would put Micky’s squarely in the Top 10 or 20 nationwide, if GYM is indeed #20…

What do you think? Does the oversight of several WeHo establishments make New Now Next’s list #FakeNews?