Reader Bo B. asks today’s reader question: Christmas was ten days ago, why does Micky’s still have its tree up?

That’s a great question!

Do you remember the song, “Twelve Days of Christmas”?

It refers to the period of twelve days between Christmas (the alleged birth of Christ) and the Epiphany (when the three wise men brought presents).

The Epiphany is on January 6 each year…on the twelfth day of the liturgical Christmas season.

In Eastern Orthodox churches, such as in Greece, Russia and Armenia, Christmas is celebrated on January 6.

It so happens that one of the managers at Micky’s is Armenian, so to him at least, Christmas ends after January 6, not December 25!

Regardless of whether, when and how you celebrate, we call all use more of the holiday spirit!!!

P.S. This also means there’s still time to give us presents!!!