If you’re always looking for something fresh to do between Friday and Sunday, this weekend you’re in luck!

Two new promotions will be launching this weekend in West Hollywood at FUBAR and at Micky’s.

On Saturday night, FUBAR’s Cake by Johnny McGovern will be replaced by Dick’s Den, presented by the producers of Adonis Lounge and featuring music by Cazwell.

The promise the “best boys, biceps and bulges in town,” and on a Saturday night, Center City venues like FUBAR are a great escape from the “Canyons and Passes” crowd that invade Boystown!

But save up your energy for Sunday, when Harut Davtyan re-launches The Palace, West Hollywood’s multi-cultural party for our friends from the Near East and those who admire them!

All the hookah you could ask for. Yallah!

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We understand there will be plenty to suck on…

Consider these two new nights an early Christmas present from West Hollywood to you. Enjoy!