From time to time we answer your questions, and today we have an interesting one from reader Marc O.: Is Andrew Christian’s Flagship Boutique leaving West Hollywood?

That is a great question, as West Hollywood has already seen Andrew Christian’s Factory Outlet store depart for the greener pastures of Glendale, which we are told, is somewhere in the San Fernando Valley.

Upon investigating, it looks like this rumor could probably be true.

Signs put in the store window this week read, “25% OFF EVERYTHING MOVING DOWNTOWN”

Like our Facebook friend who, in response to a terrorist knife attack said he was “sad but thankful it wasn’t a gun,” these signs could probably use some punctuation for disambiguation.

It is possible that the 25% OFF discount applies to everything moving downtown, but it could also be that it is 25% off everything because the store is moving downtown. Without proper punctuation after the word “everything,” it reads more like the former than the latter, but we may never know…

But part of us is still skeptical about this place they call “down town,” and whether it actually exists or is the figment of former FUBAR promoters’ imaginations, however, since we don’t go East of La Brea, we may never know…