Last week, we shared rumors that Rocco’s Tavern was coming to West Hollywood in the former Citibank location on the Southwest corner of Santa Monica and San Vicente.

Some on the internet were skeptical of this, citing a real estate website listing the property as still for lease.

But according to WeHo Times, Rocco’s is a “go” in WeHo, although some share our hesitation about importing a straight sports pub into Boystown…

Mia Dinelly, Publisher of West Hollywood Lifestyle Magazine asks: “did you do the research or do you just want a city name with a zip code – it’s not that easy, says Dinelly but we root for all new businesses!

When Bottega Louie announced its intention to move in down the block, some locals went bonkers claiming it would erode the character of the neighborhood, but they are now silent to this news… who knew that pizza and beer would be less of a threat to gay culture than rainbow colored macarons?