In case you missed it, the Los Angeles Dodgers are in the World Series for the first time since 1988! They will play the Houston Astros. 

For a little perspective, in 1988, your favorite bartender was a toddler, your favorite gogo dancer hadn’t been born yet and West Hollywood had a gay porn actor on its City Council (as a member, not on top of a member…)

While The Gays don’t all care so much for the sports, West Hollywood does come around for major events, like The Super Bowl, and we can still remember that Tuesday’s night the Kings won the Stanley Cup on the same day as Micky’s employee appreciation booze cruise in 2012!

The Dodgers have a special relationship with West Hollywood. They’ve been doing a LGBT Pride Night for five years and Dodgers Vice President Erik Braverman can often be found at The Abbey, The Micky’s or The Motherlode when the team isn’t playing.

So whether you want to watch the World Series, or don’t, here is our guide to when and where to be in West Hollywood… And we will keep updating it as more information comes in…


Final broadcasting times havebeen announced, and all games will start at 5 PM in West Hollywood…

  • Tuesday, October 24: Game 1 at Los Angeles – Dodgers WIN!!!
  • Wednesday, October 25: Game 2 at Los Angeles – Astros win 😢 
  • Friday, October 27: Game 3 at  Houston – Astros win 😭
  • Saturday, October 28: Game 4 at Houston – Dodger win!!! 🤠
  • Sunday, October 29: Game 5 at Houston – Astros win 😰
  • Tuesday, October 31: Game 6 at Los Angeles – Dodgers WIN!!!!!! 🎉😃😁😎
  • Wednesday, November 1: Game 7 at Los Angeles

As you can see, there is a good chance that the Dodgers win the whole thing on Halloween, which could make for an interesting Halloween party… Maybe you folks can repurpose those WalMart Pennywise wigs into Justin Turner costumes!


Like the SuperBowl or Will and Grace, you can probably watch the World Series just about anywhere in West Hollywood, however, you’re experience will vary depending on where you go… Remember, West Hollywood is the town where a certain establishment had gogo dancers and a DJ during the SuperBowl?


The logical place to go for a sporting event would be a “Sports Bar” that caters to the heterosexuals. We have a couple of these in town… Up on Sunset, your best bet is Saddle Ranch. On Santa Monica Boulevard, you can go to Barney’s Beanery.


Three local bars play sports just about every night:

  • Fiesta Cantina – 2-4-1 drinks from 4-8 PM
  • Trunks – Cheap drinks always and,
  • GYM SportsBar – 2-4-1 drinks from 4-9 PM weekdays. 

All will be crowded, mostly with people who want to watch the games, however, even in these establishments, sports don’t always come first, but you’re least likely to have the game audio taken over by show tunes at one of these places.

Also, assume the drink specials will NOT apply on Halloween. 


We’ve reached out to other bars and clubs in West Hollywood and will let you know their plans as we hear back, but here is what we know so far…

  • Flaming Saddles: Is showing the games with daily drink specials. 
  • Revolver: WILL be showing the games, enjoy $3 budlight, $5 wine and $6 well drinks during happy hour!
  • Micky’s: Is showing the games with $5 drink specials until 9 PM Monday through Saturday 
  • Bar10: The games will be on the TVs, though possibly without sound, $1 oysters and other happy hour promotions until 8 PM 
  • Bayou: Is showing the games with happy hour until 8 PM
  • Mother Lode: Is showing the games with sound on and stiff drinks. 
  • The Chapel: Viewing Party starts at 5 each game day
  • The Abbey: Viewing Party starts at 5, food and drink specials until 7 M-F
  • Hamburger Mary’s is offering Lunch Specials and $5 martinis during the game 
  • Tortilla Republic, Taste on Melrose and Marco’s are all showing the games according to their social media accounts. 


What if you don’t give a darn about baseball and want to escape the madness? These venues are perfect for avoiding thWorld Series!

  • FUBAR: Will NOT be showing the games, but their gogo dancer will still be swinging their bats…
  • PUMP: Does not have TVs outside, a great place if you DON’t want to watch!
  • RAGE: A baseball-free zone with happy hour specials
  • St. Felix: Is a baseball-free zone with handcrafted cocktails