Amid the controversy over sexual harassment claims against founder Harvey Weinstein, politicians have begun to donate to charity any campaign funds they’ve received from him. 

But one charity will suffer as a result of the scandal this year. The Weinstein company is pulling out as a sponsor of OutFest’s Legacy Awards, according to an email from Executive Director Christopher Racster:

The LGBTQ community faces so much discrimination and harassment on a daily basis. Since its inception Outfest has stood for the dignity of each human being. Our programs – both on the screen and behind it – are about creating the change we want to see in the world where everyone is treated fairly, respectfully, and equally under the law.   

After conversations with The Weinstein Company, I received the following message from them this morning:

“Because we wholeheartedly support Outfest and its mission to preserve LGBTQ cinema, we have decided to withdraw from The Legacy Awards at this time. We do not want to overshadow the extraordinary achievements of the other honorees.” – The Weinstein Company

We remain incredibly excited to be honoring the legendary Rita Moreno and the trailblazing Laverne Cox at The Legacy Awards on Sunday, October 22. Both of these women have fought and stood up for the basic human rights of all people to be treated fairly, especially within a culture in Hollywood that has at times discriminated against them.

What a shame that such an important nonprofit will suffer as a result of the scandal. 

Maybe more recipients of Weinstein’s political money could donate it to OutFest as their charity of choice?