The West Hollywood City Council Meeting Agenda for Monday is out and here are some things to keep an eye on…

As always, items beginning with the number 2 are on the Consent Calendar and may not get discussed publicly unless members of the public or council express concerns. 

THE hot topic is Item 4C the Homeless Needs Assessment and Demographic Survey. Having an idea of the who, how and why of our homeless population is a good start,  but the public will likely be calling for what actual steps the City will be taking to address the crisis. 


  • Item 2H: An update on the City efforts to get Metro Rail to West Hollywood and its plan for 2018. 
  • Item 2I: This item looks at how to engage the Santa Monica Blvd frontage of the Metro bus yard, though it’s written in such technical language that few will actually understand what the plan is. 
  • Item 2O: This item would give free parking meter encroachment permits to HIV testing vans, ending preferential treatment given only to one organization today. It does not, however address the City’s 2015 policy to require testing vans receiving public benefits to give PreP education to those who test negative. 
  • Item 2T: In light of terrorism tactics in Europe, this item explores the installation of safety bollards to protect high traffic pedestrian zones from attacks by cars or trucks. 
  • Item 5A: This would increase the size of projects that could be approved by right from 10,000 to 30,000 square feet, potentially encouraging more moderate scaled development. 

See something interesting and want to speak out? Email with your thoughts or go to the meeting Monday at 6:30 and fill out a public comment card!