Tyra Sanchez returns to West Hollywood Thursday, October 12, at RAGE’s Haus of Starr after being exiled from the local drag scene for a row with Morgan McMichaels and subsequent bust-up. 

Over the summer, Tyra continued to feud with other Drag Race alumnae, including Raja and Phi Phi O’Hara over proclamations that Raven was Robbed (pre-order the tee shirt today!) while also taking a month-long tour of Poland. 

Nobody can turn down some polish sausage!

You don’t have to be in this town too long to know that creating even more drama is not an effective strategy to get back in good graces but rather one should prove themselves through their actions to find redemption. 

Good for Tyra, then, for being willing to work her way back up to the top of WeHo’s drag scene one gig at a time!