Need some ideas for what to be for Halloween? Really don’t want to copy the same thing you did last year?

While there will be many Pennywise, Trump and Harvey Weinstein costumes on the Boulevard next Tuesday, we took a look at some famous and local WeHo drag queens for some inspiration!

If you’re always a clown, why not be Sheetlejuice like Bianca del Rio?

SHEETLEJUICE! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚LOS ANGELES!!! We have a very exciting announcement for you. Tickets for SHEETLEJUICE in Hollywood (happening Saturday, Dec. 2nd) go on sale this Tuesday, Sept. 19th at 10am here: Chris Isaacson and Matthew Herrmann present the Los Angeles debut of BIANCA DEL RIO in PEACHES CHRIST's hit parody SHEETLEJUICE at the Montalban Theatre in the heart of Hollywood. The afterlife will be a hell of a party with the LA Premiere of this all-drag, theatrical parody starring everyone's favorite Queen of Mean, BIANCA DEL RIO, in the title role of everyone's favorite Ghost with the Most. Written and Directed by cult icon and Queen of the Midnight Mass, PEACHES CHRIST, this production and her San Francisco Superstars are ready to haunt the Southland with a show that is not to be missed! The ghostly cast includes drag superstars Sister Roma, Roz Drezfalez, Lady Bear, Kat Robichaud (The Voice), Carnie Asada, Rory Davis, Will Bedell, Simon Palczynski and MORE. @thepeacheschrist photo by @job ijp

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Shake it like Ongina as Pepper!

Do your best All Stars 3 promo look in all gold like Derrick Barry!

Channel your inner Vicky Vox and become a treasure troll!

Walk like an Egyptian in this Nina Bo’nina Brown outfit…

Be a wicked witch like Cake Moss…

Become a work of art like Moni Stat…

Grab some panda pajamas and arm candy just like Luxury Liaison…

Take your Toga Game to the next level like Rhea Litré…

Be the Anna-belle of the Ball like Morgan McMichaels last Monday at Micky’s…

Work it from 9 to 5 like Willam, Alaska and Courtney Act!

Seeking 9×5 uncut business minded professionals. Send Linkedin and Dick pics.

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Or just promote your own merch like Mariah Paris Balenciaga 

Whatever you decide, we’re sure you’ll be fabulous because This Is West Hollywood!

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