Be prepared for the next big hit coming to a Gay nightclub near you: Alaska’s Despacito parody, “Valentina”

Set to the tune of the song of the summer also covered by Justin Bieber, the bilingual song parodies Valentina, her fans, and even manages to bring in the rivalry with Nina Bo’nina Brown–so we imagine yet another Facebook Live rant can’t be far behind

According to Alaska’s interview with Hornet:

“I have a secret obsession with the highly polarizing figure from Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race known as Valentina. I wrote a song about her,” she said in a statement. “In Spanish. I asked her to be on the track and she said yes. But then she stopped returning my texts. I got ghosted by Valentina – and this song is about the sorrow and pain associated with that journey.”

Alaska told Hornet exclusively, “I used my 6th-grade comprehension of Spanish to write this ode to the highly polarizing figure known as Valentina.”

You can watch the video here:

LOVE IT!!! 😍❤️💕🌈💘😘

Hopefully Paulo Ramirez can put this in the queue for Monday at Showgirls!