Regular readers know we have been on top of the story of the Mysteriously Missing Mayhem Miller for nearly two months.

Any time a drag queen goes missing this time of year, rumors will abound about their whereabouts.

You don’t need TEN guesses to surmise what has happened to Mayhem, however!

Regulars at The Abbey expect Mayhem to host Saturday’s Brunch Service in addition to Totally Nineties Tuesday.

However, Mayhem has been replaced by the likes of Vicky Vox, Ongina and Jaidyn Dior Fierce.

Other than not being totally sure who will be at the Abbey until they announce it, that isn’t really a problem.

Drag fans can get their dose on other nights of the week at The Abbey as well.

Every Wednesday, Rhea Litre hosts ASH Wednesday with Luxury Liaison, Loris and Selena Blackwater, and Allusia Alusia hosts Lip Service every Monday at ten.

Sundays, however, the only drag you’ll be seeing at The Abbey is if someone causes a scene with security after being over served at a brunch earlier up on the boulevard…