Today marks the unofficial start of Will & Grace Week in West Hollywood!

If you judged things by the local clubs’ promotional fliers alone, you’d think Thursday’s series reboot were the biggest television event to hit WeHo since Ellen came out two decades ago…

Bigger than the premiere of “What Happens at The Abbey” and as widely viewable as a Super Bowl, the show’s premiere has inspired at least seven promotional events over three days this week. Take a look…


Allusia Alusia hosts Revolver’s Will & Grace party this evening from 5-9 PM with promotional swag giveaways. 


Flaming Saddles will be screening the show, as will Revolver across the street…

Micky’s is promising viewing parties every Thursday. 

Bar10 wants you to arrive two hours early to claim your seat!

Trunks will also be showing the premiere along with music by DJ Carlos. 

Come early for Murray Swanby’s Touch Thursday at The Chapel where they’ll be screening the show as well. 

And the granddaddy of viewing parties will be at The Abbey, with its official NBC and Human Rights Campaign event. 

If you’re looking for something different on Thursday, may we suggest GYM SportsBar for the Bears-Packers game?


To round things off, next Sunday, Bar10 will hold a Will & Grace brunch hosted by Billy Francesca, with music by Ray Rhodes. 

Hopefully by the time this is all over, we will have an answer to the question that’s bugged us since the series’ first run: Why does Will wear a Princeton tee shirt around the house when his character attended Columbia and NYU?!?