Last month, both Raven and Morgan McMichaels went missing from Micky’s Showgirls and now there’s another mystery disappearance in West Hollywood’s drag world (or two?)…

Not long after Morgan returned to Micky’s Monday lineup, The Abbey lost one of their regular drag hosts, Mayhem Miller.

Mayhem Miller is the regular host of The Abbey’s Saturday Brunch Service.

Last week, however, she was replaced by Special Guest Host Pandora Mystere, which considering it was DragCon NYC, we thought nothing of.

Now, The Abbey has announced that Mayhem will be replaced this weekend again, by Vicki Vox.

All of which makes us ask the question… Where in the World is Mayhem Miller?

(And Raven and Jazlyn Alezae for that matter?)

We’ll give you TEN guesses… 😉