Critics of West Hollywood’s nightlife scene have said that it’s the same thing every day. We beg to disagree!

If you’re wondering what’s new or different to do this Wednesday, we have your Gay Agenda right here!


If you’re wondering what’s gone wrong with the Dodgers–once the hottest team in baseball, they’re now stumbling their way into the Playoffs–then head to GYM SportsBar at 7 PM and catch them play the San Francisco Giants while you enjoy 2-4-1 drink specials.

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If you’re wondering why Stefano Rosso’s HotRod at Micky’s is marking the 30th birthday of a gogo dancer-slash-waiter, you wouldn’t be alone! But at least there’s Topher DiMaggio hosting, DJ MVRK on the tables and our favorite duogenarian dancer Kevin to keep us entertained!

If you’re wondering where the women are on a Wednesday, head on over to The Chapel where GirlBar hosts Altar Girl after 9 PM.

If you’re wondering what former “actor” Kip Ryker is up to these days, head next door to The Abbey where his drag persona Luxury Liaison joins Rhea Litre’s ASH Wednesday.

If you’re wondering what a gaggle of Gagas would look like, mosey on over to Flaming Saddles after 10 PM, where Club Posers dancers will express themselves on the stage with hosts Tony Moore and Cake Moss–and be sure to be nice to Cake after Monday’s drama on United Airlines.