Happy Labor Day Weekend! This weekend we celebrate the working men and women (not *those* working men and women)… So put on your favorite Village People outfit and head on out and enjoy the holiday! Unless that’s the Indian because, you know, cultural appropriation. 

Here’s what’s on tap this Friday in West Hollywood:


Head up to the Andaz Hotel for the WeHo Sports Festival kickoff party starting at 6 PM, hosted by Vicki Vox. 

Don’t pass GYM SportsBar without a 2-4-1 drink which you’ll want to either celebrate or mourn the result of today’s USA World Cup qualifying match at 4. 

Mosey on over to Flaming Saddles at 8 for the next installment of their Drag Roundup. 


DJ SRO will keep you dancing until after hours at Micky’s starting at 9 PM. 

Ongina hosts PUMPED, Hamburger Mary’s weekly drag show starting at 10 PM. 

DJ Mike Bryant spins a Sinful Friday to say sayonara to Summer at The Abbey. 

It’s an all night party at RAGE where Gameboi’s Labor Day Party goes into after hours until 4 AM. 

BLOW WeHo at The Penthouse brings out Javi Ortiz, Allusia, Jorge Orlando, Melissa Befierce and more!

(Featured image via @mattgic.photography)