If you thought that Monday was West Hollywood’s most beloved bartender’s birthday, you wouldn’t be alone, but you’d also be missing some very important matters coming up on the West Hollywood City Council Agenda.

While the public comments section of Council meetings can often be the most entertaining thing to do during happy hour on a Monday, even funnier than a stand-up comedy show, the real action happens later as the Council discusses the key issues.

Agenda items numbered “2” are on the Consent Calendar–which means they may be approved without a discussion–so if you are particularly passionate about something, let the Council know beforehand by emailing council@weho.org.

In the meantime, here are some of the more interesting items on the Council Agenda next Monday

  • 2H – Sunset Streetscape Action Plan Update: Don’t expect any action on this plan until at least next Summer.
  • 2N – Authorization of Legal Services: The City will authorize a $75,000 contract with white-shoe firm Baker & Hostetler, the firm hired by the Republican House Caucus to sue over Obamacare, for unspecified legal services. $75,000 isn’t much for a firm like that so this probably isn’t for litigation, but they don’t say…
  • 20 – Halloween Planning: Two changes to Halloween this year. The Festival will end a half hour earlier, and parking meters will be waived in addition to the waiving of residential parking restrictions, citywide. The meters may not be new to this year, but five years ago, West Hollywood’s most beloved beloved bartender got a ticket at one on Halloween because he thought they were waived…
  • 2P – Local Plans for Gas Tax Funds: Want to know what West Hollywood will get from that massive gas tax increase passed in Sacramento this year? Not much. A few hundred thousand for sidewalk repairs and street paving that the City already does a good job at anyways.
  • 3A – Extended Business Hours: If adopted, this makes it easier for businesses to apply for extended business hours, so you’re more likely to be able to buy a slice of pizza to drown away the shame of not being picked up at the 2 AM meat market.
  • 3B – Temporary Business Signage: This would loosen up temporary business signage regulations to allow for future tenant advertisements to take up the entire storefront, rather than just 32 square feet as currently allowed. If applied to construction projects, it could effectively undermine the Council’s Creative Construction Fence initiative, but the staff report doesn’t discuss how the two policies would impact each other.
  • 5A – West Hollywood Chamber Contract: Did you know that the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce gets $50,000+ from The City to do marketing and other things that Chambers of Commerce normally do? At least this time, the City is no longer including support for City policy issues not yet adopted in their deliverables as they did in 2012 when the contract required the Chamber to support extended parking meter hours BEFORE the Chamber had taken a position on the issue or the City Council had voted on it… So, we guess that’s an improvement!

Anyhow, those are some of the big issues on the Council Agenda that may affect life around Boystown… If you have something to say, email your Council members or show up Monday at 6:30 PM in Council Chambers on the ground floor of the Library!