After committing Drag-icide and falsely announcing the death of Morgan McMichaels, her fellow RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 Alumna, we’d have thought that Tyra Sanchez would have learned not to mess with her fellow queens. 

Alas, some lessons need to be taught more than once before they can be learnt. 

In an online tirade, Sanchez attacks RPDR Season 3 winner Raja and her fans, calling the queen 13-years her elder a “grandma” who needs to use a cane. 

Raja responded saying, “it’s ok,” and that, “my wisdom and elegance pales all in comparison.”

Back in May, when Sanchez created a stir with her “RIP Morgan McMichaels” post, Raja tried finding humor on all sides of the row:

So given the pattern of moving from season to season, we can only surmise that Tyra’s next target will be Season 4 winner Sharon Needles, accused of overdosing in the Conservatory with a Lead Pipe. 

‘Cause we all know it’s about the attention, whores!

UPDATE: Raja responds to Tyra: “Let’s have fun” at DragCon NYC.