In most cities, a Tuesday night would be written off as one of the slower nights of the week, but not in West Hollywood as the competition is heating up!

The bars and clubs in West Hollywood are stepping up their game to get your business on Tuesday nights. 

The Abbey’s TNT, The Hole at The Motherlode and Level2Lounge will be competing against two new music-competition themed promotions. 

Starting at 8 PM, Ongina hosts So You Think You Can Lip Sync? at Micky’s with $5 Happy Hour specials extended until midnight. 

The RPDR alumna will emcee the competition for folks in or out of drag who think they can pretend to be singing. 

Down the street at Bar10, there’s a new competition for actual singing, with a $5000 cash prize for the winner. 

Last week, Bar10 held auditions for Off The Strip and this week, the battle for the boulevard kicks off!

So if Tuesdays had left you wanting lately, go out there and check out these new promotions!