On her way to New York City this weekend, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 winner Jinkx Monsoon was stopped for secondary screening at Boston’s Logan Airport, then went to her Twitter to let us know why. 

Yes, the TSA stopped the global drag superstar for having a “groin anomaly”!

She asked to be rescanned as a male… but was denied and says they insulted her. 

Jinkx says she isn’t trying to be a martyr, but just wants the TSA to change how they treat nonbinary and Trans people…

This isn’t Jinkx’s first run in with the TSA. Back in April, Jinkx raised similar concerns

But she is now focused on having a good time in the Big Apple. 

But we have to ask, given the TSA’s issues and the short distance between Boston and New York, why not take the Acela next time?!?

(Featured image via Twitter @jinkxmonsoon)