Although news that RuPaul’s Drag Race make up artist Raven and hairstylist Delta Work lost their Emmy nods has yet to be widely reported, the story has been floating around Reddit for nearly two weeks. One user has a theory on what went down:

Not exactly. I mean the TV Academy is partly to blame here with their submission and eligibility rules. They’re the ones who dictate you can only submit one episode. WoW was just trying to play it smart and submit the one they thought voters would actually watch. Also it’s just standard practice for executive producers on any show to submit the season premiere to stand in for the whole season when it comes to reality shows (writing, directing and acting for scripted shows are different stories). They can technically submit whatever episode and names they want, but here it seems WoW probably felt that “Oh. My. Gaga!” would more likely be watched by potential voters, featuring Lady Gaga, being the most viewed episode, etc…. but at the same time they felt that Raven and Delta’s names deserved to be attached to makeup and hair for the season as a whole, so it’s really just a stupid TV academy technicality.

Now I know this is Reddit, home of the child-sex-ring-pizza-parlor theories BUT this sounds like a classic case of Hanlon’s Razor: Never attribute to malice that which can be attributed to incompetence. 

Whether it was producers World of Wonder of the VH1 bosses at Viacom, someone messed up, the theory goes, and submitted the premier episode but listed the names of makeup and hair artists who worked the majority of the rest of the season. 

That sounds plausible and maybe even probable. 

If that’s the case both Mathu Anderson and Raven should get our sympathy for being caught in a cock-up over make-up (and Delta Work too!)