West Hollywood went gaga this summer at news that Raven and Delta Work had received nominations for Emmy Awards later this month. 

But according to the Television Academy, the episode up for consideration is the Season 9 opener, “Oh My Gaga”… and neither Raven nor Delta worked on the show at that point. 

But as true fans will recall, Raven didn’t do RuPaul’s makeup on the first episode and the internets noticed. 

We’re not sure why producers World of Wonder would have submitted the Gaga episode when Raven and Delta Work weren’t involved in it, but that has to be a mistake on the scale of, say, not campaigning in Wisconsin or Michigan. 

Fans of the show, hoping to celebrate a week from Saturday were truly upset, but Drag Race alum Willam has a different take, lashing out at fans of Raven and Delta, alleging a conspiracy with World of Wonder. 

Willam would know a thing or two about being disqualified, wouldn’t he?

UPDATE: Willam responds on Twitter:

UPDATE #2: There may be a simple but plausible explanation for everything. 
(Featured image via Instagram @DeltaWork)