UPDATE: Nina doubles-down, won’t apologize for remarks about Mexico earthquake… Read what she has to say!


One of the themes of the Season 9 Finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race was the power of drag queens to change hearts and minds.
Between Peppermint’s statements on gender and Sasha’s vision for the future of drag, the show gave a stage for the queens’ voices to be heard.

So, what did Nina Bonina Brown have to say in a YouTube video last week following the earthquake in Mexico?

The title says “Nina Bo’nina jokes about Mexicans and Mexican people” but the we’re not finding the humor…

“Maybe it’s karma,” that the earthquake hit Mexico, she said, because of the racist attacks she has received from Mexican Drag Race fans in the 3:21-long rant.

Racism is bad. It is inappropriate regardless of the race of whomever expresses it. So we get your frustration and anger, Nina! People should never say such awful things to you or anyone. Period.

We’re going to let you judge Nina’s comments for yourself.

However, as for the cause of the earthquake in Mexico, we’re gonna have to go with “plate tectonics”…

(Featured image via NinaBoninaBrown.com)