Unlike The Abbey, who added special Summer items to its regular menu, Micky’s “Special Summer Menu” was a jarring reduction in options–serving a selection of a hamburger, hot dog or basket of fries.

With today’s autumnal equinox, it was about time that Micky’s retire their summer menu, which is just what they have done, bringing back many of their customer favorites.

In addition to the Micky’s Burger and basket of fries, the “new” menu includes old favorites like the Southwest Rolls, Chicken Strips and Skewers, while adding a delicious desert option called “Nutella Bites” which are as yummy as they sound.

On the cocktail side, bartender-favorite Mojitos and Lemonades are joined by Smirnoff “Build-a-Mule” where you can customize the Moscow favorite with your choice of flavors. Although off-menu, we suggest trying an Absolut Vanilla Mule.

To be honest, when Micky’s cut back their menu offerings, we got a little worried, as it reminded us of when, a few months before shuttering their doors, Eleven cut its food options back to popcorn and hot dogs. Thankfully, that anxiety was unnecessary!

Anyhow, feel free to check out the old-is-new menu at Micky’s daily until 9 PM!