Around the internets, fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race are doing their best Nancy Drew to try and read the tea leafs to figure out who will be part of the upcoming Season 10.

Last night, we’d overheard that Jazlyn Alezae would be filling in for one of the performers at Micky’s Showgirls WeHo, but that turned out to be false. Instead, we were treated to an AH-MAZING performance of Pink by Morgan McMichaels, cameos by Rhea Litre, Mariah Balenciaga and Bianca Del Rio in the audience and a small temblor to remind us we live in earthquake country.

Local drag queen and Desert AIDS Project Queen of the Desert Crowd Favorite Mayhem Miller has gone missing from her regular gigs at The Abbey recently, leading many to guess where she is.

Tonight, however, Mayhem is listed as a host of Totally Nineties Tuesday at The Abbey, alongside Sasha Colby and guest host Manila Luzon.

Would someone eliminated early, even, say, for example, on the first week, be allowed to return to their regular gigs after just ten days? We’ll have to show up tonight to find out!