When we first started to wonder why Mayhem Miller went mysteriously missing earlier this month, we also noticed that two other local Drag Queens had also gone off the grid. 

We can safely bet where Raven is, as she has been missing since early August. 

But Jazlyn Alezae has also been off the grid since a September 2 Instagram post. Some have guessed that she is in the same place as Raven and maybe Mayhem. 

But yesterday, Micky’s weekly drag night Showgirls WeHo released their October lineup and we have a new clue to the mystery. 

Jazlyn is scheduled to perform on October 30th but Raven isn’t listed on the lineup for the show she has historically hosted. 

So in all likelihood, you can scratch Jazlyn off the list of people who are wherever Raven and maybe Mayhem Miller are right now…

Showgirls WeHo starts at 10:30 PM every Monday at Micky’s, 8857 Santa Monica Boulevard.