Yesterday, the WeHo GayBook told you Cake Moss would be at The Abbey performing at Lip Service, but the Los Angeles-based drag queen never made it to the show… so what happened?

It turns out, she was stranded in Sacramento, thanks to United Airlines.

Shortly after 6:30 PM, Cake tweeted her frustration with the airline which earlier this year got in trouble for literally dragging someone off a plane.

Literally five hours later, the situation was unresolved, leading Cake to vent again…

So what happened?

Cake was returning to the L.A. Area from a three-night stint at RPlace in Seattle, where our favorite otter/bartender Ryan Kohler used to work, and had a connection at San Francisco International Airport.

Dodgers fans will remember that their game against the San Francisco Giants yesterday was delayed because of thunderstorms passing through the Sacramento area.

United had to divert flights away from SFO, sending Cake’s flight and another from Seattle to Sacramento.

Passengers without luggage traveling to the Bay Area then could have theoretically just ended their trip there and found a way to their destination nearby, but Cake was connecting to the Southland, so she would have had to get on the flight’s continuation to SFO then get a seat on a connecting flight.

There was, however, another option.

United 5663 flew out of Sacramento at 8 PM, landing early at LAX at 9:38 PM (which seems like a long flying time for such a short flight, IMHO), and even with the entire standby list clearing onto the flight, it still had nine empty seats, including four in first class.

Now, we imagine after performing for three nights in Seattle, Cake had some checked luggage, which would have to have been off-loaded or delivered to her home at a later date, but there is no reason that a helpful gate agent or customer service agent couldn’t have gotten her onto this flight and to The Abbey in time.

We hope United takes care of Cake and even if they won’t, WeHo can express our own generosity and show up at TIP Cake Wednesday and Friday at Flaming Saddles and Saturday afternoon and Monday at The Abbey!