Kids these days are accused of not knowing their gay history–and who can blame them since it isn’t taught in schools yet?

A few years back, a WeHo Confidential Award Winner was accused of “unapologetically plow(ing) over James St. James, displaying not only a lack of courtesy once had in the profession of mixology, but also general unknowing of his place in the hierarchy of gay nightlife.”

On Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, it was the Club Kid Runway Challenge outfit fiasco that felled People’s Champion Valentina from the competition.

Given that Mama Ru is a child of the Club Kid era, it is important that we know our history!

Luckily, The Daily Mail looks at the Club Kids and where they are now, so you can learn who the likes of James St. James or Amanda Lepore are and where they are today!

James St. James compares the generations of Club Kids to the evolution of Apple devices:

There’s really a lot of really, really fabulous people doing really fabulous looks, and I think the thing is, when we started, we were just like kids playing inHalloween costumes. It was pretty rough. And it’s liked the old iPod: every generation, it gets a little sleeker. It gets a little more refined, a little more polished, a little more glamorous. These kids today, having the YouTube makeup tutorials and RuPaul’s Drag Race and everything, they are so glamorous and so polished and so outrageous …I love them.

So pay a little respect to your elders and take some time to learn about the history of Club Kids in the gay nightlife scene!

(Featured image via @rupaulsdragrace)