It’s going to be a long night on Monday at the West Hollywood City Council, with a public safety update discussing homeless initiatives leading the City Council Agenda for Monday night.

But as is often the case, a lot of the action is on the undercard, aka the “Consent Calendar” where the City adopts policies without much, if any, public discussion…these items begin with the number “2”.

Anyhow, here are a few interesting items to take note of before Monday’s meeting:

  • ITEM 2H: WeHo PickUp Performance Update – Ridership on the weekend entertainment shuttle keeps growing and the cost per trip is the best bargain the City has for transit options. Looking at the traffic data, it looks like the City could extend Sunday hours, however, as people are still heading West even into the later hours of operation, but don’t have the same options for coming back. Not everybody in West Hollywood works a standard 9 to 5 and many enjoy an extended Sunday Funday, apparently!
  • ITEM 2GG: Straws Upon Request – In order to reduce what West Hollywood sends to landfills, this proposal would fund an education campaign encouraging businesses to only give out straws upon request… Not that we don’t trust the dishwashers of West Hollywood, this sounds like a public health problem waiting to happen, with little serious impact on our solid waste diversion (even less than the ~0.1% reduction from the plastic bag ban!)
  • ITEM 2HH: Hurricane Relief – Following the Hurricane Harvey disaster in Houston, several West Hollywood businesses including Fiesta, Bar10 and The Chapel raised funds for victims; this item proposes public education efforts to connect West Hollywood residents and businesses with ways they can help victims of Harvey and Irma–including supporting local LGBT Centers’ Hurricane Relief Funds.
  • ITEM 2KK: Amending City’s Travel Ban – The City of West Hollywood occasionally bans official travel to certain places to make a political statement, and often amends or rescinds the ban when a conference is held somewhere and staff wishes to attend. The National Conference of Mayors is in North Carolina this year, which is subject to a travel ban, and this item makes an exception for travel is Council or Staff is engaging in education or advocacy activities.
  • ITEM 3A: Billboards on Sunset Strip – Twenty new digital billboards could be coming to the Sunset Strip under the proposed plan.
  • ITEM 5A: Cancellation of Preconstruction Loan for Tara – The City of West Hollywood loaned a Community Housing Corporation subsidiary $1,000,000 for preconstruction financing for the proposed project at Tara on Laurel Avenue. The project was never built and the Housing Corporation doesn’t want to repay the City and is asking for a tortured interpretation of their agreements with the City to make the case that they really don’t owe the money after all.

Have an opinion? Email or show up to the meeting Monday at 6:30 PM and make public comments!