After we shared RuPaul Drag Race Nina Bo’nina Brown’s Facebook Live rant claiming that last week’s Mexico earthquake was karma for Valentina fans making racist remarks and calling her “ugly” the internet pushed back. Some have even called for her upcoming performances  in Southern California to be cancelled. 

Brown responded to the negative feedback, hoping to quell the anger, but according to some may have dug herself an even bigger hole. 

In her latest YouTube video, titled, “Mexico against me,” Brown claims that her remarks were edited, taken out of context and never made all at the same time, then complains that “Mexicans” are so gullible that they’d even believe a “National Esquire” headline about RuPaul empregnating Michael Jackson. Watch for yourself:

“Why does is seem that Mexican people are so gullible and like to believe everything they see or hear?” she asked, referring to a video she posted online. 

“All of a sudden you are all ‘Team Mexico’, my country my country, but where were y’all when Donald Trump was talking about building a wall?” Brown continues. “Where were y’all with all the negative comments that he said?”

Brown continues, “Instead y’all are all on my page talking about a country you all want to escape from and cross the border. And then Latinos and Mexicans talking about this and that but y’all can’t stand when someone try to compare y’all to the next person. Mexicans can’t stand to be called Latinos. Latinos don’t want to be called Mexicans. But y’all all hatin’ on me.”

“I don’t understand what the issue is, but I have done nothing wrong,” Brown continued, “Talking about an apology? Girl you will never get an apology from me. You will never get a sorry. You will never get a thank you note. No ma’am honey. Y’all have showed me your true color ever since Valentina went home and I have no kind of remorse. I haven’t done anything wrong. At all.” 

She then calls out WeHo drag queen Melissa Befierce for sharing the “alleged video” and asking why she and other drag queens didn’t share other videos of her. Well we’re sure this latest video will be shared!

This isn’t the first time Nina has alleged racism from Valentina’s supporters, for what it’s worth. 

It seems that, like Tyra Sanchez holding a grudge over Raven whom she defeated in Season 2, or Donald Trump talking about his victory over Hillary Clinton, Nina Bo’nina Brown hasn’t gotten over the fact that despite besting Valentina in the competition, Valentina remains the People’s Champion.