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Today’s question comes from Paul O.: “What’s with those new sculptures I have to look at when I’m eating at L.A. Buns?”

We’re glad you asked because we noticed them just last week after they were installed in the median of Santa Monica Boulevard on either side of the future crosswalk at Palm Avenue.

There are two sculptures by the same artist, Peter Shire.

The one on the West side of the crosswalk is called Rockin’ Angel and the sculpture on the East side of the crosswalk is called Murano.

According to WeHo Arts, Shire’s “work is in many museum collections throughout the United States and abroad, including LACMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Shire has taught art and design courses at a number of Los Angeles’s art and architecture schools. His public sculptures can be found in Los Angeles at Elysian Park, the Academy Village Housing Project in North Hollywood, at the Ramada Plaza in West Hollywood and in Phoenix and Las Vegas.”

The sculptures are, however, NOT new, though they may be new to you. Rockin’ Angel previously was located outside the Ramada Plaza–opposite his installation between the driveway and Kitchen 24, while Murano was located down by Doheny. The two sculptures have been moved to accommodate changes in the median as the City installs new signalized intersections and crosswalks along the Boulevard.

The plan is to keep the two city-owned sculptures in their new location on a permanent basis, however, we have some concerns about what they might do to visibility issues, as they might block drivers from seeing pedestrians in the crosswalk… The City not too long ago removed a number of trees and other foliage for that exact reason.

So if you’re not a fan, Paul O., it may not be long before you may be able to enjoy your LA Buns without a view of these sculptures!

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