Over the weekend you may have heard the news that Aaron Carter, younger brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, came out as bisexual. Welcome to the family and the alphabet soup that is the LGBTQQ2SIPA Community!

We've now learned that Carter and his girlfriend, Madison Parker, broke up last week, just days before the announcement and two weeks after the two were arrested on suspicion of DUI exposing a family feud.

Carter performed his original hit, "I Want Candy," and more recent tunes on Saturday afternoon of this year's LA PRIDE! Music Festival in West Hollywood. While the music was still saccharine and upbeat, we must say that Carter himself looked rode hard and tied up wet, to put it nicely.

While I've never met Aaron Carter nor know his specific circumstances, the story sounds all to familiar to many of us in West Hollywood.

While some self-loathing closet cases become pastors or Congressmen to cover up their gay, the more common tale is a life of drugs or alcohol abuse as they struggle to accept and love who they are despite societal norms telling them otherwise.

How many "straight" bartender/dancer/waiter/barbacks do we know who work in a gay bar in West Hollywood that also have substance abuse problems that lead them down a dark path–and eventually being fired? Between drinks number five and seven, they get very flirty with the gays, maybe even engage in some homo-sexual activities, then cross a point of no return that includes either anger, violence or passing out. I can think of at least three that are out there right now at some stage in the process.

Hopefully for Aaron Carter, being honest with himself and with the world, and loving who he truly is, will be a first step towards recovery, as others have done before and others will in the future. To mix up two of Harvey Milk's famous quotes, we can give them hope by helping them to come out!