Can you smell it in the air around West Hollywood? This week has been big for cannabis-related news in West Hollywood.

This weekend is the City’s Cannabis Education Forum in West Hollywood Park from Noon to 5 on Saturday, which will discuss implementation of Caliofornia’s recreational adult-use law passed by voters last November.

In light of the City Council’s decision on Monday to allow up to 14 marijuana outlets, including on-site consumption lounges, we had some ideas for what they could name a future West Hollywood-based coffee shop:

  • Hamburger Mary Jane’s
  • Fu Bar
  • Munchy’s WeHo
  • Mota Lode
  • Wet Daddies
  • iCandy Stick (for those who remember the Center City bar)

Have any ideas for what you’d name a West Hollywood coffee shop? Leave them in the comments!

(Featured image via @medmenshops)