Residents of a Sunset Strip-adjacent neighborhood were on lockdown overnight as LA Sheriff's Department SWAT teams responded to a burglary on DeLongpre Avenue. According to KTLA News, the sheriff responded to calls of an armed barricaded suspect after 11 PM last night.

A resident told authorities he briefly walked out of his apartment with the door open and when he returned the apartment was locked with the suspect inside, according to officials.

According to WeHoVille, "The resident told the deputies that he had numerous firearms in his apartment. Deputies then established a security perimeter and summoned additional resource."

Residents woke up this morning to the sound of sheriff's officers trying to negotiate with the allegedly-transient suspect over loud speakers, and the low swooping of helicopters. The suspect eventually surrendered after canisters of tear gas were lobbed through an apartment window.

In some news accounts, residents who were outside the perimeter or left their homes during the lockdown were not allowed to return for up to seven hours. Those inside the perimeter but not inside the building in question were allowed to stay–some of whom slept through the whole thing.

This morning, the neighborhood is open again, but news vans from four local stations are on scene and dog walkers are gawking at the residual damage of the overnight excitement.

Just a another night in WeHo. This Is West Hollywood.