We are almost halfway through the month which means you have two weeks to figure out how to pay the rent. 

So if you weren’t invited to Grindr’s new online magazine launch party, here’s what to do with your Tuesday in West Hollywood…


Find out how your favorite drag queens pay the rent at The Center’s Business of Drag panel at 7:30 PM. 

See if you can make some tips dancing at Open Pole Dance night at Flaming Saddles, starting at 8 PM. 

Check out the extended Happy Hour and $100 bottle service special at The Chapel’s Service Industry Night for all you SINners out there. 


Dirty Burty keeps The Hole open after 10 PM for your invasion at the Mother Lode’s diverse and dirty Tuesday Party. 

Also at 10 PM, Saldana opens the upstairs VIP area at Micky’s for one and all at Level2Lounge, hosted tonight by Billy Francesca–you’ve been warned!

Longing for the time when the worst thing a President did was get a blowjob in the Oval? DJ Mike Bryant spins he best of the 90’s and Mayhem Miller and Sasha Colby entertain as the throwback the clock for Totally Nineties Tuesday!