Ever since Anthony Saldana launched Level2Lounge upstairs at Micky’s on Tuesday nights, the West Hollywood nightclub has struggled to figure out what to do with its downstairs area during the popular promotion.

For a while, downstairs was closed altogether, then they brought in Cazwell to DJ Hot Homo Tuesdays, which ended in late June and was replaced by “Boozeday Tuesdays.”

If you thought that the name of the latest Tuesday promotion was a sign that the club was running out of ideas, you wouldn’t be alone, but you’d be wrong! They were just waiting for the next big thing to come a long, and now they think they’ve found it.

Beginning on Tuesday, September 12th, Ongina will be hosting “So you think you can lipsync?!”

Come in drag or just drag yourself out of bed, and put on a performance for a chance to win real cash money.

The 8 PM start time directly conflicts with Flaming Saddles’s Open Pole dancing night, so amateurs will have to decide how best to embarrass themselves on a Tuesday in West Hollywood.