Christopher Street West, the nonprofit organizers of LA Pride, have issued a Call for Nominations for people interested in serving on its Board of Directors. Current Board President Chris Classen describes the position:

“Being a part of LA Pride’s Board takes a lot of passion, commitment, and dedication,” says Chris Classen, CSW Board President. “The directors on our Board don’t just sit around the table making decisions; they get their hands dirty and work tirelessly throughout the year to give back to our local community.”

Classen isn’t joking. Taking on a position on the Board is a solemn responsibility not to be taken lightly. Without any staff, Board members are expected to pitch in with event organizing, fundraising, public relations and more. 

What’s more, the organization has taken a beating the last couple years over ticket prices, inclusion and the ill-fated Resist March this year. Yet it remains a vital institution in the community. 

So do you have an opinion about LA Pride and want to have influence and are willing to put your efforts where your mouth is? Apply today!