Last week, Christopher Street West opened nominations for its Board of Directors, and now it looks like they are specifically seeking a Treasurer for the Board.  According to an “URGENT” post on their Facebook Page:

URGENT: We are looking to fill the role of Treasurer. Anyone with financial or accounting backgrounds urged to apply!

Don’t miss this opportunity to give back to the community and shape the future of LA Pride. Apply to be a Board Member today! Download an application here: Applications are due by September 8, 2017.

The current board is now listed on the CSW website and current Treasurer Mike Carriere is wrapping up the second year of his two year term as Treasurer.

Given the public scrutiny of the organization and its finances, we don’t blame Mike for wanting to step aside.  Some in West Hollywood may see this as a red flag for the organization or spin this into a crisis at CSW.

However, Carriere’s exit may be as routine as the end of a term.  For example, many non-profits have limits on how long one can serve in an officer’s position, in order to keep any one individual from exercising too much control and to keep the Board fresh and rotating. Sometimes the simplest answer is the right one, though it is seldom the one we get!

My suggestion to those who would criticize the organizers of LA Pride: if you think you can do the job better, sign up and do it!