Two weeks ago, Revolver launched its new Wednesday night promotion, replacing Billy Francesca Bingo with a night called "STOCK".

At first, we were excited because our favorite bar in Montreal, Canada, happens to also be named Bar Stock. We were also curious because the things that go on at Bar Stock in Montreal would not be appreciated by California's ABC, which has stringent rules on entertainment and employee attire in venues that serve alcohol.

Alas, Revolver's STOCK night is trying to be based on a stock market, where prices fluctuate based on whether people are buying a particular beverage, as shown in the above photo posted by Beau Bryan on Facebook.

But in traditional economic theory, the more demand there is for a product, the higher the price is, so if applied in this case, ordering a drink would make it more expensive. So we are confused what the incentive is then…

(Featured Image via @bar_stock on Instagram)