A few weeks ago, Out Magazine contributor Rose Dommu claimed that gay men who don’t want women in gay spaces are being misogynistic. Now, the conversation continues in The Advocate’s pages with a reply from Alexander Cheves.

Straight people, there are places where you do not belong. The backroom of a seedy gay bar is one of them.

Under California’s archaic liquor laws, back rooms are not allowed in our State. 

Legally, under public accommodation laws, women, men, gays or straights can’t be kept out of any space. 

But, for example, were the Melrose Spa still open, would it be appropriate for a straight woman to come in? What about the Studs Theater in West Hollywood or one of those Palm Springs resorts where we ran into a certain City Councilmember?

These are the types of situations where common sense should override one’s desire to do that which is technically permitted by law, but what happens when people don’t exercise common sense? It usually doesn’t end well…

Can or should the Government do anything to protect gay spaces?