Yesterday, when we told you about the Montrose Center’s plea to help LGBT victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, the local LGBT Center had raised $5,000. 

Word spread quickly online thanks in part to drag queens like Vicky Vox and Kennedy Davenport, among others, who helped the center’s plea go viral. 

Just 24 hours later and LGBT people from West Hollywood and around the country have donated more than $69,000 to the LGBT Hurricane Relief Fund!

Dallas’s Alexandre Bar donated proceeds from last night’s sales to the tune of more than $1,000. 

Donations have come from around the country–from Maine, New York, Florida, Arizona and, yes, West Hollywood, including marriage plaintiff Jim Obergefell. 

There are several familiar names on the list of people who have given to the Relief fund including the West Hollywood Soccer Club, The Center’s Jim Key, The Blade’s Karen Ocamb, Ron Davis, and the Chamber’s Keith Kaplan. 

No amount of money will be enough to put people’s lives back together so if you can, we encourage you to keep giving!

(Featured image via @pridehouston)