Although we call it Historic Boystown, all are welcome in gay West Hollywood!

With the closing of The Palms a few years back, there has been a shortage of promotions targeting the “L” part of the LGBTQQ2SIAA Community. Altar Girl on Wednesdays at The Chapel and Thirst on Saturdays at The Factory have been about it. 

Well, Thursday nights in West Hollywood now have another option for our female friends and their admirers: Matriarchy at Revolver. 

Started a couple of weeks ago, Matriarchy is a production of Queertainment, a Lesbian and Queer party production group. 

Tonight, it’s a Studio 54 party with DJ Kara and Lily Khuu. 

If you want to see more events for the different parts of the LGBT alphabet, our advice is simple: SHOW UP and show your support and they’ll start doing more of them. Oh and tip your bartenders!