Welcome to our City Council Hot Topics, where we read the West Hollywood City Council Agenda so you don’t have to!

After a sleepy and poorly- attended August 7th meeting, it looks like the City Council is coming out of its Summer doldrums a little early, as there’s quite a few interesting items to look forward to:

  • Item 2T: Council will consider directing staff to study measures to improve pedestrian safety at the intersection of Santa Monica and Robertson. The busy intersection is popular for taxi, limo and Uber pickups and drop-offs, and is full of (often intoxicated) pedestrians in the evenings and Sunday afternoons. Among the proposed changes? Scramble crosswalks, “No Right Turn” from Robertson northbound, and making Robertson one-way going South.
  • Item 2AA: Perhaps ironically assigned its Agenda summer, Item 2AA is a resolution in support of State legislation that would allow local jurisdictions to petition the State ABC to allow for alcohol sales until 4 AM instead of the current 2 AM.
  • Item 3A: Following up on a unanimous recommendation by the City Council, this item requires large construction projects to put public art displays on construction fences. Remember the Happy Wall at Shake Shack? This would require all large construction projects to do something similar to mitigate the visual blight they cause. The Chamber of Commerce came out guns a’ blazing at the Planning Commission on this one, persuading the Commission to propose an alternative allowing advertising on the fences–which kind of defeats the purpose.
  • Item 4C and Item 4D: These items follow up on an earlier proposal to prevent the City from granting emoluments to the President of the United States by adopting a socially-responsible banking policy and banning the City from doing business with certain businesses enumerated in the President’s FEC disclosure forms.
  • Item 4E: The proposal would create a Sunset Strip version of the WeHo Pickup weekend entertainment shuttle. There are two proposals–one that just runs along Sunset, and another which connects Sunset to the City parking garage at the Library. While Sunset is no longer what it used to be, it might make sense for a shuttle to get visitors between their hotels and Boystown, as that can be quite a trek up the hill after a few cocktails.

Those are the big issues coming to Council on Monday. Hope to see y’all there!