For many, the most exciting part of next Monday's West Hollywood City Council Agenda will be the opportunity to enjoy some free air conditioning in Council Chambers for the evening. But there are still some interesting nuggets on what looks to be an otherwise underwhelming agenda…

  • Job Reclassifications: In what looks like a rather mundane item to reclassify several job positions, several City Hall staffers will be raking in substantial pay raises. Due to a "recent increase in organizational initiatives," the Assistant to the City Manager's salary band will go from $103,008 to $131,623 to $144,802 to $190,578 (we wonder why the City Manager's office has had to take on more organizational initiatives in the last couple years?). The report also adds a Communications Manager position in the $144,802 to $190,578 after eliminating the position last year and elevating the then-Communications Manager to Communications Director at $159,980.88 to $220,439.
  • AIDS Walk Pole Banners: The AIDS Walk may no longer be in West Hollywood, but they're still asking for favors from the City–in this case to install marketing pole banners along Santa Monica Boulevard.
  • Marijuana Research Junkets: The City Council is proposing to authorize the City to pay for City Council member travel to research the cannabis industry, with the first proposed trip to Denver. Ya man,
  • Cleaner Electricity: The big item on the agenda is Community Choice Aggregation which basically means the City is looking to buy or generate clean power which would be distributed via Southern California Edison's wires.

So that's the interesting stuff on the Council Agenda that you may or may not have known is coming up on Monday. We will see you there!