How many nights have we shared with friends in West Hollywood reminiscing about the good old days of OBar and iCandy, or hearing old stories about the Blue Parrot or Rose Tattoo?

Although today’s West Hollywood is being documented on Instagram and Facebook nightly, our community’s older stories live in as much as we tell them. 

In WeHo Stories, we want you to help us document our City’s colorful and vibrant past and help leave a legacy to help future generations understand what came before them. 

A few years back, Queerty did a story on old LGBT ads in Los Angeles and looked at what the venues are today. Only one lives on as an LGBT serving business today. 

Ad for The Jaguar West Hollywood, image via

Here in West Hollywood, for example, The Jaguar at 7511 Santa Monica Boulevard once advertised “Grooves with Cocktail Hours” from early in the day.

The venue would later become Hunters, known for its awning and its younger patrons who fancied older men and their money–but at a lower price point than they’d charge at Numbers. 

With the internet and dating apps, Hunters, like Numbers, went away and the site became a tapas bar named Tinto, which in October 2008, hosted an event for the No on Prop 8 organizing committee.

These are just some of the types of stories we hope to tell and hope you’ll share as part of WeHo Stories. 

If you have a story to tell about The Jaguar, Hunters or Tinto, please leave it in the comments and share it with us!