After delaying the 2016 LA Pride! parade for nearly two hours, Trans activists are taking on another California Pride event and are planning to block next week’s San Diego Pride parade, according to Nicole Murray Ramirez.

Rumors are this “shut down” is supposed to be in front of the police, sheriff and law enforcement Pride contingent. Word is that the same radical people who showed up at The LGBT Center event honoring police officer Garcia are behind this possible action. My message to them is don’t even try because this time you will be arrested and taken to jail. A word to the wise

Sheriff officers protecting the LA Pride Parade in 2016 while Trans activists block parade route

At last year’s LA Pride parade a group of two dozen Trans activists sat sit-in protests in front of the Dykes on Bikes along the parade route. Despite the high security following the previous night’s Orlando massacre and the arrest in Santa Monica of someone with guns and explosives saying he planned to attend Pride, no one was arrested.*

The Trans activists had been upset over requests by event organizers to move the Friday night Trans Party to the West Hollywood Park Auditorium after City Council members asked LA Pride to expand its music programming to three nights. They felt that the move to the smaller venue was a sleight and implied that they were somehow less important than the planned Latin Stage programming.

My suggestion for anyone who wants to protest, isn’t not to do it, but to make sure you’re protesting the right things.  There is plenty to be upset about out there–and those are the people we should be protesting, together.  But to attack your most likely allies doesn’t seem like a wise strategy for victory in the long run…

* Disclosure: From February to July 2016, the author worked as an independent contractor for Christopher Street West, the organizers of LA Pride! on long-term strategic planning and public affairs matters.