UPDATE 9/20/17: The Celebration Theater has added 8 new shows though October. Get your tickets online while they last!!!


Jimmy Fowlie, previously best known for his web series and GoGo Boy Interrupted, is back on stage and his just-launched one-“man” show, So Long, Boulder City, is already a success. 

Based on the once and former Oscar winning movie, LaLa Land, “So Long” imagines what the one-woman show staged by Emma Stone’s character must have been like and how bad it must have been to have her give up on her Hollywood dreams. And Jimmy is in drag. Variety raves:

Surely one of Fowlie’s fellow Groundlings does a better Emma Stone impersonation, but that isn’t really what he’s going for here, offering more of a meta-commentary on a self-involved L.A. actress looking to be discovered. There’s a certain poignancy in the fact that the stunt could bring Fowlie (who’s previously best known for his “Go-Go Boy Interrupted” web series) the kind of attention that Mia so desperately craved. It takes a certain fearlessness to go out and embarrass oneself in front of a crowd, and Fowlie milks the awkwardness, especially in the show’s climactic moment, when Mia calls Sebastian on stage, and then proceeds to perform one half of a choreographed two-person dance routine by herself, trying to hold back the tears to the impossibly upbeat sound of “Electric Boogie.”

The show has been extended through August 20 at the Celebration Theater just East of West Hollywood and you can buy your tickets online.