According to WeHoVille affiliate site GayLife LA, #ResistMarch organizer Brian Pendleton is considering a run for State Treasurer.

Chad Goldman, Pendleton’s friend and former partner, has reached out to people asking if they would be willing to fund Pendleton’s election campaign. Several of those people have informed WEHOville of Goldman’s request, however, they have asked that they not be identified so as not to offend Goldman.

If true, Goldman would become the second LGBT person to run for Statewide office, following the 2014 Controller run by former Assembly Speaker John Perez.

According to the Secretary Of State, other candidates for State Treasurer who have filed a Statement of Intent and are raising money include Democratic Assemblyman Mike Gatto, Democrat Fiona Ma, and former Democratic Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez. Gatto has also filed a Statement of Intent to run for Lieutenant Governor, while Pendleton has not filed one yet, a prerequisite for raising funds.