It's more recent history, but history it is, as the City of West Hollywood only celebrated it for one year back in 2015… Yes, we're talking about Christmas in July.

The Christmas in July tradition started as a marketing gimmick by retailers in the mid-20th Century, hoping to clear out summer inventory before Back-to-School began in August.

In the City of West Hollywood, the weeks of mid-July can be a mini-slump for businesses in the Boystown District with San Diego Pride and ComiCon taking up people's time (and money!).

So in 2015, Councilmembers Lauren Meister and Lindsey Horvath proposed a Christmas in July initiative to help promote local businesses. Businesses were given discounted fees for special events permits and promoted the celebration across several venues.

The Abbey served Santa cakes, Yogurt Stop served an Egg Nog flavored FroYo, and Micky's went all out with a tree and fake snow!

In addition, six service employees from local businesses–waiters, bartenders, and drag queens–were photographed and put on special Christmas in July pole banners along Santa Monica Boulevard.

Maybe we're biased, but this is a tradition we'd like to see WeHo bring back!