On the corner of Larrabee and Santa Monica Boulevard, Revolver is at the heart of West Hollywood’s Historic Boystown District, just as it was at the heart of Historic Sherman, the small railway town that preceded West Hollywood.

For a trip down memory lane, here are some fun facts about the history of Revolver:

  • Built in 1926, the building is one of the original Mixed Use properties in West Hollywood
  • Revolver was built by architects Gable and Wyant in the Classical Revival style
  • In the 1970’s and early 80’s, a gay tropical themed bar known as the Blue Parrot operated in the venue
  • At the time, many gay bars identified themselves with a coded naming convention with a color, followed by a bird–unfortunately the White Swallow was already taken by a bar in San Francisco
  • In 1984, the Blue Parrot was replaced by Revolver, named after its revolving door at the entrance
  • Revolver was one of the first video bars, showing videos for customers just years after the launch of MTV
  • In the 1990’s, Revolver would show LGBT television shows, like Showtime’s Queer as Folk and serve $1 margaritas on Sundays
  • In 2006, Revolver was replaced by East-West Lounge, originally marketed as a membership club for gay men of means
  • East West evolved and hosted one of the City’s most popular lesbian nights
  • East West also had one of Los Angeles’ most extensive tequila selections, hosting tastings with owners of craft tequila distilleries who would visit from Mexico
  • Following the passage of Proposition 8, banning gay marriage in California, East West hosted a 2009 fundraiser to oppose the repeal of marriage equality in Maine, standing in solidarity with LGBT people across the Country
  • Revolver reopened as Revolver in 2012, with reality TV celebrities Jai Rodriguez and Courtney Act headlining promotions for the venue
  • Revolver’s then-owner Alfredo Diaz led the opposition to David Cooley’s plans to build a pseudonymously-named restaurant in the space in between Motherlode and the future Pinky’s site on Santa Monica Boulevard. Opponents claimed that children in the park should not be exposed to seeing people drink alcohol between 11 PM and 2 AM.
  • Revolver secretly hosted the campaign kickoff meeting for the West Hollywood Term Limits campaign in 2012 after an incumbent Councilmember pressured another nearby venue into cancelling the event.

Do you remember the Blue Parrot? Did you chill at East West Lounge? We want to hear your stories! Leave us your memories in the comments and we may add them to our list of fun facts!

Exterior of Blue Parrot in 1981, image via TVParty.Com

Interior of Blue Parrot, image via West Hollywood Then and Now on Pinterest

Interior of East West Lounge, image via Yelp